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We had a productive weekend in the shop.  Ezra is a little sick, and yesterday was Erika’s birthday.  I asked her what she wanted, and she said: “Watch the baby so I can work in the shop!”.  She made the Beanstalk Bag, and also, did some work on a few new book bags.  I finished two messenger bags.
Playing with a new way to make reflectors for the straps of bike bags – holes punched out of inner tube sewn over reflective tape.


The straps are a sandwich of rubber-lined poly-cotton fire hose and two layers of nylon webbing.  Idea with this is that the poly-cotton will wick sweat, while rubber will spread the load and keep the whole thing lying flat.



I started this bag last fall for the Chikoko Bizarre Bazaar, and ran out of time.  It, and about 6 other panels have been sitting, waiting for us to tackle sewing in the sides, which is a pain in the ass.  We just got a better sewing machine, and it is still a pain, but at least the bobbin thread is no longer tying knots half way thru a side. 

I call this bag the ‘Messenger X’.  Body is from fire hose, with inner tube for trim around the flap.  The white X is from chicken feed sack, with the actual X being cut out of inner tube.  We’ll make more of these…



Strap on the other new bag – proto #35 – a prototype from last fall.  

This pocket detail was the prototypical part – I like it, but it makes the assembly quite a bit more time consuming.  More practice needed.



This one is a little rougher that the X bag – didn’t trim some of the hose for a shaggier look. 

Proto #35



Straps are funny, you can put a lot of time, foam, pockets, and other work into one.  We are focusing on making bomber, simple designs that will last.  
We’ll make custom straps, but try to avoid buying new virgin materials if we can.  I like using the fire hose for that reason.  That said, good clean webbing is hard to find used, and we buy rolls of surplus strap from an unnamed, evil, army surplus place that also sells army jeep parts and barrels or methyl-ethyl ketone.  

These bags are available for sale.  X bag is $120, and Proto #35 is $80.  Contact us for more info.  


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