Mid-April Bagmaking Spurt

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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April is my favorite month in Chico – so much life, flowers exploding out of the ground, and general buzz in the air.  When I was in school, April was a hormonal blur of festivals, music, dancing, partying.  Got a chance to sell bags at the Earth Day fest on campus yesterday, and it was still fun…

I met Adam when he was working at the ReStore.  We are doing a work trade – he’s sewing for me, and I am doing some welding on his work truck. 

Adam hadn’t run an industrial sewing machine before, and this one is a real rocket – sews 3,500 stitches a minute.  He kept his fingers out of it, and picked it up quickly.


We whipped out a bunch of market bags.  They are a simple design – 6 straight lines of stitching + sewing on the strap (strips of fire hose) – and easy.  One person working at a comfortable speed can make 6 an hour.


I finished a bunch of messenger bags this week – here is the first one that has a laptop sleeve in it. 

Also, made a cellphone pocket that snaps onto the strap – for those folks that want to keep their phone close to their heart.


New camstrap detail for the bike purses.



Wad o’ product. 

Victoria modeling our chickie tool belts.



Allen bought the bike-tire hose bag. 

Beau sporting his new hot pockets.



Hot pockets. 


Quinn got a shot of our setup.


I turned our display rack into a bike trailer.  Hey, I’m not homeless, this is MERCHANDISE! 

The hitch is a little janky, but Chico is flat, so we made it home.


Daily Propaganda: 


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