Making textured fabric

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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We have this huge pile of coveralls that I got at the ReStore.  Actually, we have two big piles of coveralls that I got at the ReStore.  They got donated this huge bin of worn out coveralls from Wrex Products – a plastics manufacturer across the street from them on Myers, and it just sat there for about 3 months.  Sucker that I am for cheap materials, I started scheming and dreaming of making grocery bags and bag linings from this nice, funky, tough fabric.


Mario, ReStore MANager.

Bin o’ ghetto coveralls.  I high-graded it back in November, cut some good pieces of fabric out of some of them, and then they sat on a shelf.  Last week I got the idea that I could make market bags out of them, and bought another dozen.  I made a couple of bags and they just looked too plain, saggy, and kind of sad – no posture, sloppy, gutterpunk.  Not that gutterpunk is all bad, just that they don’t spend money on these kinds of bags.

When we visted my Aunt Elizabeth in Kansas City last month, we saw amazing things that they are doing in her shop collaging vintage Japanese fabrics into new textiles, so I am trying a few tricks from her book, and I like how it is going.

I started off with a flat piece of twill from the coveralls.  I cut strips and sewed them on in a woven fashion.

Running parallel stitching. 

More parallel stitching



Finished effect.


The second piece was more freeform.  We’ll use these panels to make purses or some funky tool belts.  
After washing and drying

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