Bag of the day – a Shaggy Bag

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
Still on a push here to make some new bags by the end of the week – my goal is at least one large bag a day.  A lot of the bags I have been making have been tight, clean, going for a pro look.  Tedious shit!
Here is one that doesn’t give a f&^k!  Fun makin’s.
Pretty much the standard fire hose bike purse, but untrimmed, and textured-up with some loose-woven hose that was the outer jacket of a two-layer hose.  As such, it is not lined with rubber, and frays like crazy!  We threw some in the washer, kind of like washing a patch cut from a burlap sack, if you’ve ever done that…


Beefed up/backed the sides with heavy canvas so the seams will hold while the front piece frays.


Concho bling from Guadalajara Mex. 

Body is fire hose, seams between strips are from chicken feed sack.  Only new material on this bag is the concho, thread, rivets, and the webbing for the (new) buckle.
This bag was fun.  My model has gone to bed…



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