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I have been wanting to start making luggage for awhile now – finally felt like I was ready to take on a larger bag.  During a trip to Portland two weeks ago I went into Oregon Outdoors, and ogled all of their gorgeous Filson bags, thought “we can do that”.  I found a basic duffel bag at a thrift store a few days ago, and thought that it would be a good shape to copy.  I took it apart, made a pattern, and then put it back together, piecing over the existing panels with fire hose.

Here is the finished product, I am stoked on it!   

Getting the ends sewn in was a chore – I started off using heavier rubberized hose like I have been using for the messenger bag sides, but with overlapping layers of hose on the sides and 4 layers of trim, the machine was trying to push 5/8″, and choking, breaking needles, looping like crazy on the bottom of the fabric.  I was up late Googling ‘consew 206rb looping’, cleaning the machine (filthy), no dice.  Once in bed, I realized that I just needed to use thinner material on the ends.



The hardest part was getting the top piece to fit properly, and figuring out the order to sew it in.  Ideally the top and ends start as one piece that you sew into the sides, but I decided to sew the bag with seams out, and wasn’t sure I trusted the pattern to work out perfectly.  I had to do some funky spelunking inside the dark almost-finished bag to do the seam between the ends and sides to finish it.  Top is from army surplus German duffel bag, with a new brass zipper from Oregon Leather (another multi-hour destination when we are in Portland).  Straps are nylon fire hose salvaged by Dan Borge at the Cal Lodge when they upgraded their fire protection system, and two other kinds of hose. 


This is one of the first projects that we have used dyed hose on.  The blue is linen fire hose from the Cal Lodge that we dyed during an easter egg hunt party after all of the kids were done making tie-dyes.  



 Swivel clip from the ReStore – they had a couple bags of brand new solid bronze hardware there last year, thanks boys!  Adjuster buckle and D-ring from thrift store belts.

Luggage!  I am hooked.  How can we do rolly-bags?



Strap detail.

  1. Sophie Littee says:

    So Freaking cool!!!!!!! I love it!

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