Where fire hose comes from – and some small bags

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Today was a fine day to be in the woods.

I needed to go up to Chester to talk to a friend about some fire and forestry issues, and he was able to meet me half way, on Deer Creek.  He needed to clear fallen trees from the roads after windstorms this winter, so I rode along, and we headed up to the Deer Creek rim.

Opening the road after winter storms, still a lot of snow up there.

Bear print


Checking out the area burned by the ‘Onion Fire’, in 2008, we found a place where a hoselay got burned over by the fire.  The firefighters forgot about the hose, and left long partially-melted chunks of it in the woods.  We dragged about 400 feet of it back to the truck.

Here is the same hose scrubbed, filleted, and sewn into a panel 

Cut the panel into smaller strips, add some trim and hardware, and you have the makings of a tough little field bag.


The one panel made enough pieces for 6 bags.  Straps are also fire hose.

Inner tube trim

From Deer Creek to you.


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