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Our shop is uninsulated and the halogen spots in the tracklights are focused right on the needle of the machines and the lights on the machines are hovering 50 watt heaters.
It is workable with 3 fans after sunset, and works better if I keep the main lights off.  
Making tight bags requires me to be in a good focused mood, and to be able to see what I am doing, so I have mainly been doing looser bags.  Here are three.  

This one got started a few months ago.  All it needed was sides, and I couldn’t pick the right material.  After doing the Carhartt shorts, I have swatches of nice brown cotton duck that was perfect.  It is heavy.  I like the innertube panels.  


Trim on the flap is inner tube, the body is large diameter cotton hose.



Inside pockets are ReStore coverall twill and a kid’s belt.  Lining is old German army duffel bag. 

40oz Kanteen belt sling/tool pouch.  Reflective strip for night biking.  


Five kinds of fire hose, a bike slick sidewall (Continental) and rivets.


Roll dyed linen hose and Chicken Feed sack.



Strap is synthetic fire hose. 

A good harvest bag – picked apricots into it last night.


Found four pairs of Carhartt Double Duck Pants at a thrift store and made some tough work shorts.
I added large pouches on each leg, with fire hose reinforcement on the sides and rivets at the corners.

They overlap the standard tool pockets on the pants – they’re a good size for harvesting carrots, peas, beans, or other small veggies.


I have 33″ and 34″ pairs available – $25 each.



Second pair have camo on the pockets:

Just made a couple of pairs of camo utility belts.  One is from a camo backpack that I scored at the Arc thrift last week with old mechanics coveralls from the ReStore.  The other is from fire hose, german army duffel bag, and an army shirt I bought in Wichita KS.  

Camo Toolbelt #1 and

Desert Canteen Belt #1 

More fiddling with hose scraps and pouches.  Here is one based loosely on a large carpenter’s nailbag.
Our friend Hayduke was in town yesterday with his family.  Kat and Duke went to the park and he joined me in the shop.  Hayduke sold me one of my first sewing machines about 15 years ago, so I turned him loose on our big machines.  He was point and go, and started this bag while I worked on a custom field bag for him.


They had to split before the project was finished so I added some pockets to the panel that he had started, added some funk and a bike tube for trim.



These pouch projects are fun.  Like making the Shaggy Bags, there is no measuring to do.  They are a nice change of pace from the tight stitching and finishing of our fancier bags.  Just point and go, intuitive pieceworking – and I can’t throw away tiny scraps either, so here is a way to get rid of them.

One of a kind toolbags – $30/pair.  Add custom pockets to your spec for another $10.

Playing with designs for utility pouches – something that you can put on a belt or bag strap to carry essentials.  What are your essentials?  
A few new designs – beverage, camera, chapstick, sunscreen, lighter, phone, etc.



Camera Bag – inner tube trim



Camera Bag









Graphing calculator?



Found this dope gray rubber hose at an estate sale this weekend.