One of a kind toolbags – $30/pair.

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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More fiddling with hose scraps and pouches.  Here is one based loosely on a large carpenter’s nailbag.
Our friend Hayduke was in town yesterday with his family.  Kat and Duke went to the park and he joined me in the shop.  Hayduke sold me one of my first sewing machines about 15 years ago, so I turned him loose on our big machines.  He was point and go, and started this bag while I worked on a custom field bag for him.


They had to split before the project was finished so I added some pockets to the panel that he had started, added some funk and a bike tube for trim.



These pouch projects are fun.  Like making the Shaggy Bags, there is no measuring to do.  They are a nice change of pace from the tight stitching and finishing of our fancier bags.  Just point and go, intuitive pieceworking – and I can’t throw away tiny scraps either, so here is a way to get rid of them.

One of a kind toolbags – $30/pair.  Add custom pockets to your spec for another $10.


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