Three day weekend in the shop – Playa Gear Stitchfest

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Been on fire in the shop last three days.  We got into the ‘Prepare for the Playa’ pre-Burning Man craft fair in SF on July 25th, and I have been in high gear making inventory.  We are going to share a booth with my old friend from growing up in Westwood, Janay Growden, aka the Window Lady.  She makes amazing clothes out of Oakland, and I am thrilled to get a chance to do a show with her!
Here are toolbelts, an 8′ double-wrap belt made from fire hose and scraps for another project, and a cargo-pocket miniskirt made from an vintage hemp German Army duffel bag.

Toolbelts made from old Carhartts and an Army shirt that I bought in Topeka Kansas, the long belt, and the mini.


Kilt pockets to be.


Toolbelt in process.



The other half of the pair.



Managed to get some work done on Michelle Wurlitzer’s custom bike panniers too – she needs them in a week. 

Kargo Kilt.  Jeans and army shirt, with Carhartt, Camo, and ReStore jumpsuit fabric in the pockets.


Kargo Kilt pockets.  We found a Bernina Industrial sewing machine at a yard sale a month ago that does zig-zag, industrial style.  I like it lots.


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