Hot Summer Nights in the Shop

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It is about 5 degrees warmer in the shop than outside, but we have lots of fans, and it is tolerable.  We are still on a push to make goods for ‘Prepare for the Playa‘.
New skirts, shorts, kilts, belts and pouches rolling off of the line.  Hard to focus, but we are amped.

Kilt making – fire hose and found bling

Kilt making – mustard patch is ‘LDH’ large-diameter hose.


Kilt detail 

Your happy kilt shaper



Fire hose miniskirt

New fire hose miniskirt


Pouches, belts, and a new brown skirt from hemp Eastern European Army Duffel Bags.


New belt – detail – the white parts are the scraps left when we cut out the ‘scales’ for the hose miniskirts.

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