Track Star Purse and the ‘Dunckel’ – a new Manly Purse

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
Here are two new bags that I made today.  The Track Star Purse and a custom order Man Purse. 
The Track Star Purse is made from my old high school Cross Country shoe and a Chicken Feed Sack.  I was wanting to make a bag from running shoes and when we were at my folks’ place last weekend, Erika saw me getting ready to throw the shoes away, said ‘You can’t chuck those, they are perfect!’ 



A pocket trimmed with inner tube balances out the other side. 


The shoe makes a perfect cellphone or wallet pocket. 


This bag is a variation on the hemp canvas canteen slings that I was making a few weeks ago.   It can be slung over the shoulder or carried like a toolbelt.  The only real difference from the previous incarnations is a flap over the outer pockets.


Flap – been liking asymmetry with these pouches.



The canvas is hemp, from old German Army duffel bags. 


Wear it well, Papa! 


Outer pockets



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