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Dragonboy’s Bag

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
Here is a bag that we made two years ago.  Chicken feed sack, printed mylar, and a thrift store belt. 
Dragonboy is a long time friend who has been muy inspirational to us through his infectious and perpetual artmaking and representation.


Make every day Burning Man.

We are starting to get back on the pony.  We are going to be vending at the Bicycle Harvest Party at the end of October, and need to make some goods before then!  Also starting to think about the Bizarre Bazaar – Chikoko’s annual holiday fair, and our favorite event.  Here are some new things.
Erika scored 231 of these tough zippers at the Salvation Army, look for them all over our stuff until they are gone.


Erika just whipped this messenger out from one of her old paintings.


Details  – I love my wife.

I am making pockets – this is what I do when I don’t feel up to actually putting bags together – lots of bag parts. 

Pocket full o’ texture.  Sorry, Pearson (friend with texture-phobia)! 

More pockets fronts – these will go into the outside of the bulgy pockets below. 

Detail – I have decided to own the fact that many of our materials are old and frayed.  If you want a bag that looks like it was made in China by a crew of terrified teenagers working under an anal Nazi line-director (meaning clean, all edges trimmed, no raw fiber visible) I will make you one, but I am going to charge you quadruple!


In the spirit of reuse, I present my 15 year old bike seat – coming soon, to a pocket near you.


Who doesn’t like camo?  This is vintage, not to be associated with our current militarism.  Camo from old wars – we promise not to use any pixelated desert camo for at least 30 years. 

Bulgy pocket variation on the hip-slinger Kanteen pouches I have been making.


New bulgy pocket design.


Bulgy pocket detail.  We saw some festival belts at the International Festival at Chico State last week, and I am knocking off some of their details.  I love knocking off details from mass-produced imports for some reason.  If you are designing any hipster festival belts and having them made in India, know that I am going to plagiarize them and sell them to people that will pay three times as much because I made them here, myself.  HA!  You can’t have third-world slave labor and your first-world intellectual property rights too, I love it!  Fire hose trim and hemp-cotton canvas from German Army bags.

Pocket Pieces and Erika’s Vest

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

We are in a bit of a hiatus here. We did a big push to make Burning Man gear, and are gathering our breath before the holiday push. Here are a couple of new pieces from the last week.

Pockets made from Carhartts, camo army shirt, and mechanic’s suit – top flap covers an inside pocket.

Erika has a new jacket/vest project – we are getting excited about making clothes.