Bike Paraphernalia

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Four new bike bags – we are going to vend at the Wheeled Migration Bicycle Harvest, and I am starting to prototype some handlebar and seat bags to sell there.
Here are pics of this weekends efforts.


Underseat bike bag – a prototype to make a larger one that the one I made from Ryan Laine a few months ago.


This started as a seat bag and ended up as a handlebar bag. 


New hemp canvas bike seat bag.  I like the sides on the flap – just sort of worked out that way – the pieces that I cut were too long, and when I folded them back, they made a great shape on the lip of the flap.



I really like this one – the hose is cool, tough, and neat, but it is hard to work with, and after prototyping a half dozen of our new seat bags in hose, making one out of our hemp/cotton duffel bag material was a joy.


Getting mileage out of our namestamp.  It started as 

cheepo letterstamps from Harbor Freight.


Welded together


Haven’t been able to do much metalwork since spring – I am afraid of burning down this dried-out world if I weld or grind….


If you have one of our bags with a stamped tag on it, this is where it came from.  


Made this last night with one J.Jukkola – it was his intro to industrial sewing.  
Fire hose and heavy snaps.  If you see him out without it, ask him why he isn’t sporting his “Conan Cuff”.

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