Autumn Bike Love

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Wondering where you are going to put your chapstick, iphone, flask, cookies, and cigarettes while you are pedaling to Wheeled Migration’s Bicycle Harvest Festival in your skintight leopard-skin bodysuit?  We are looking out for you!  We’ll be selling some of our new bike bags at Grub at the start of the ride, and also at the event in the orchards.  Here is a sneak preview.
Erika’s handlebar bag – made from used irrigation hose that we got from Freewheelin’ Farm, in Santa Cruz.



Styley zipper!  This is really nice material to work with – not too bulky, and it doesn’t fray much when we cut it.


Barrel bag 


Fire hose ends 


Handmade brass hooks for panniers 


Brass is from a door kickplate from the ReStore 


Back of pannier detail – center strip is LDH – large-diameter hose, black hose for armor.  Both recycled for Butte County Fire Department. 


Pop-rivets are backed by brass tabs inside of the bag.  



Prototype simple pannier made from birdseed bag.  This material is fun, but doesn’t hold up well enough to sunlight for us to want to sell many made from it – the sun will rot it eventually.  These bags will be made out of salvaged truck-tarp material or hemp canvas duffel bags.


Birds Delight



Just a basic bag.  Big enough for a 12 pack of Pale Ale, or a hoodie, a raincoat, a blanket, a bottle of wine, and a bucket of fried chicken.


Onward – see you at the Bicycle Harvest (bring CASH)!


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