Freewheelin’ it/Pablo’s overnight bag

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Zeke and I recently went on a Wheeled Migration bike tour along the California coast between Montara and Santa Cruz. We had incredible weather and visited organic farms along the way. This is a pic of our bike parking and campground at Pie Ranch, an organic farm that grows ingredients for pies. We had a demo in the morning of how they stone grind their wheat fresh for the pies they make with school children. And then we ate it with pancakes. Yum.

 We took our rug rat, Ezra, on the back of Zeke’s bike; the little guy loved it. 


Ezra was so excited by the new sights, I had to be very creative to get him to eat his meals.


 Our last night we camped at Freewheelin’ Farm in Santa Cruz. Three farmers run a small farm which delivers it’s CSA shares by bicycle. Zeke and I were excited to see they use an attractive blue irrigation hose. When Zeke asked one of the partners, Amy Courtney, if they had any damaged hose, she brought us to a pile of hose bound for the dumpster. Oh lucky day!


Here’s Amy on the left, and Lisa, staff of Wheeled Migration, on the right. You can see the farm in the background. Wow, they are right on the ocean and the air was so alive.  


Here’s a shot of the farmers at work. 


When we got home, I laid out the hose on the lawn and washed it with a hose. 



This new blue hose felt to me like the perfect weight to make another suitcase. I’ve been wanting to try a bag big enough to be suitable for a long weekend, for someone that packs a lot of stuff. Here’s the “Pablo” overnight bag in progress, named after our friend Pablo, who needs to take several pairs of shoes on every trip.


And here’s the finished bag. Freewheelin’ hose makes up the sides, along with a fire hose strip (in light blue). Army surplus webbing makes up the handles and strap, and the middle of the bag is a soft, supple piece of scrap leather. Salvaged zippers finish it off. It measures 22″ long, 14″ wide and 14″ tall. It’s quite a bit bigger than anything I’ve made so far, and I think with an adjustment here or there, we’ve got a great new bag to add to our line. Stay tuned for matching pairs of large and small overnight bags.


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