Fall Production – Wild Salmon

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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One month to go to the Chikoko Bizarre Bazaar, and I thought of our fellow vendors working in all of their separate shops across our rainy city yesterday afternoon.  We are making some purse/binocular-sized bags.  These ones are for Chico Natural Foods, and use some of the mylar maps and Hindu Comic graphics that we used for our 2008 Bizarre Bazaar bags.  The theme for the ‘Nattie bags is “Wild Chinook Salmon Spawn In Chico’s Creeks”.

Panel Details

Making side panels (recycled fire hose and army surplus webbing trim)

The Binder

Our ‘Field bag’ – remade in recycled vintage hemp.


Salvage – I found a pitchfork that was missing a tine at the ReStore last fall.  We moved a truckload of woodchips on Saturday and needed a ‘fork – I knew there was a reason that I was hoarding that bucket of rusty scrap metal from Uncle Jerry’s old Oregon shake mill.  There was a perfect piece of 1/4″ square stock in there and I welded it on to replace the broken tine.  Welded on a piece of pipe for a handle.  Heavy, and maybe a little Okie, but we moved the chips, and it ain’t gonna rot any time soon.


I am a hack welder, but the rain and some new rust made my puddles of melted metal look pretty, I think.


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