Jocelyn’s new gate and a new hemp and firehose purse

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
Finally finished a long-rusting metal project and we are finally getting up to speed for our holiday bag production.  

This gate was a trade for a massage that I got about 6 months ago – now I don’t have to feel slacker every time I see it leaning on my bench. 


In the spirit of salvage and found objects, this project is 100% reused items (except welding rods…) thanks ReStore!



Hinge detail



Purse flap detail.  Hemp duffel bag, canvas duffel bag, estate-sale camo suit, and part of an old ball cap that I have been saving for god knows how long. 


Same ball cap in 2001 with a Thanksgiving Albacore. 


Another panel for a field bag or purse.  Camo is from the full camo estate-sale suit.  



Finished purse.


Viva Butte Creek, even if their beer is made in Ukiah now…



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