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We are adding a new feature to our website – the [inbox].  We’ll be tagging any posts about our raw (salvaged) materials with the [inbox] tag – giving you a chance to see where our finished goods come from.

We finally found a reliable source for used fire hose.  Fire hose has to be pressure-tested every year, and the lengths that don’t pass are usually dumpstered or sold to construction companies.  This stuff was salvaged from an old army base – most of it has never been used.  We sorted through a couple hundred rolls and found some with a great weight and a black lining.  


the new, dreamy, black-lined hose makes up 95% of our new totes.

this mad max miniskirt is made from a heavier-duty cotton-jacket hose.  this hose is a little too stiff and heavy for most bags, but it works great for playawear, guitar and samba-drum straps.

samba drum strap – double wrap, and available in custom lengths.  triangles are leftover when we cut for the mad max miniskirts.  $40 – email us.


we find a huge variety of colors and materials in hose and in the different linings.  this hose washes to a demin blue, and the clear lining takes on an almost watercolored look.


irrigation hose (dark blue) and the nylon hose (above) make up this duffel and makeup bag combo.  the zippers are brand-new salvage, found in a lot of 200+ at our local salvation army.

score!  we are committed to using only high-quality hardware in our goods.  our zippers are either new (salvage), or pulled from used bags that have minimal wear.

My buddy Andrew left a message that there was a big old classroom map laying in his alley.  Made of about heavy rubber and about 5’x8′ – it is big enough to make a whole series.
This first one is a Christmas present for my pops – who is half Norskie, and half Svede.  Fire hose, old leather belt, and map, with inside file-folder pocket from a salvaged carryon bag.  Let us know if you want a bag made with a particular geography.  Get your continent before it is gone!
















Salvage – new materials

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Why Zeeko ‘Salvage’?  Because we love the thrill of the hunt, and high-quality supplies are everywhere!  Just scored 3 unused bags at the Arc Thrift Store.  Look for pieces of them in work to come.



This unused laptop carry-on has 7(!) beautiful high-quality zippers like this, and lots of extra-tough nylon cordura to rework.


Down to the wire for the Bizarre Bazaar this weekend, and we have been scrambling to finish all the random projects that we have started in the last few weeks.
Here are Erika’s new handbags, a hemp and camo collaged fullsize messenger bag, and some small hip pouches that are big enough for cellphone, camera, and wallet.









Working with Leather

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We have been collecting leather for a long time now – every time we are in Portland we go to Oregon Leather and pour through their scrap bins, grabbing upholstery scraps and various bits of hide.  Erika used leather last year for her book purses, but I haven’t really ever done much with it.  Here are two new bags that combine what we have been doing with fire hose with some leather collage.  In the spirit of salvage, these bags are made with cutting scraps from other commercial enterprises.  Working with small scrap encourages us to collage and get efficient with the material, and these bags seem to fit with the collage theme for our holiday show.  

After a couple of years wrestling fire hose with giant shears and industrial sewing machines, leather is pretty dreamy to work with.     

Medium-large purse – concho bling from Guadalajara Mexico.



Sewing binding onto leather collage



Strap uses a gorgeous belt from Mona and Seamonster’s Yard Sale



Thanks Mona!



Flap detail



Front detail

We are getting ramped up on our large messenger bags for the Chikoko Bizarre Bazaar.  We are making 10 each small, medium, and large bags.  Here are some details from the large ones.
We love details.  Being a custom, one-off kind of shop, we can spend the time on the sorts of details that get cut out of a cost-cutting mass-production operation.  We are using camstraps backed with heavy fire hose to connect our straps to the bags. The camstraps allow quick adjustment right at the front of the bag, and they cinch and hold like no other buckle.  



Batches of ten.  Ten is a good number.  Not so many that you get bored sewing the same detail all day, but enough to really notice some efficiencies in production.  The black webbing on the buckles is from a thrift store dog leash.  Buckles are new.



This years’ bags are almost 100% synthetic fire hose.  We scored some nice light stuff this fall, and all of the trim, pockets, and body are recycled hose.  


Panel ready for trim, hardware, and sides.  Our large messengers are larger this year, 19″ wide, and 1″ deeper than last year – big enough for most large laptops.



Powered by Chai, and art-spired by DragonBoy.  Buy fresh, buy local!  See you at the Bizarre Bazaar!