2010 Messenger Bags

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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We are getting ramped up on our large messenger bags for the Chikoko Bizarre Bazaar.  We are making 10 each small, medium, and large bags.  Here are some details from the large ones.
We love details.  Being a custom, one-off kind of shop, we can spend the time on the sorts of details that get cut out of a cost-cutting mass-production operation.  We are using camstraps backed with heavy fire hose to connect our straps to the bags. The camstraps allow quick adjustment right at the front of the bag, and they cinch and hold like no other buckle.  



Batches of ten.  Ten is a good number.  Not so many that you get bored sewing the same detail all day, but enough to really notice some efficiencies in production.  The black webbing on the buckles is from a thrift store dog leash.  Buckles are new.



This years’ bags are almost 100% synthetic fire hose.  We scored some nice light stuff this fall, and all of the trim, pockets, and body are recycled hose.  


Panel ready for trim, hardware, and sides.  Our large messengers are larger this year, 19″ wide, and 1″ deeper than last year – big enough for most large laptops.



Powered by Chai, and art-spired by DragonBoy.  Buy fresh, buy local!  See you at the Bizarre Bazaar!

  1. john peters says:

    lots of parts, looks good do i get to c a finished prod?

  2. john peters says:

    looks good when do the parts go together???

  3. Zeeko Salvage says:

    soon,we’ll be selling them next weekend in Chico.we’ll post more pics when they are done

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