Working with Leather

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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We have been collecting leather for a long time now – every time we are in Portland we go to Oregon Leather and pour through their scrap bins, grabbing upholstery scraps and various bits of hide.  Erika used leather last year for her book purses, but I haven’t really ever done much with it.  Here are two new bags that combine what we have been doing with fire hose with some leather collage.  In the spirit of salvage, these bags are made with cutting scraps from other commercial enterprises.  Working with small scrap encourages us to collage and get efficient with the material, and these bags seem to fit with the collage theme for our holiday show.  

After a couple of years wrestling fire hose with giant shears and industrial sewing machines, leather is pretty dreamy to work with.     

Medium-large purse – concho bling from Guadalajara Mexico.



Sewing binding onto leather collage



Strap uses a gorgeous belt from Mona and Seamonster’s Yard Sale



Thanks Mona!



Flap detail



Front detail


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