Adam’s Piglet Woodstove

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
Our friend Adam and his wife are homesteading a piece of property near the Pit River, in Shasta County.  He is a brother in salvage, and has collected a lot of building materials that they are now putting together on their land.  They are freezing their asses off in a small shack there, so he dreamed up a small woodstove, and brought the prepped pieces over for me to weld.
He started with a 10 gallon propane tank – which he purged thoroughly with water before using a grinder to cut the bottom out, and he cut another hole on top for the flue.  I cut out a round piece of steel plate to use as a door, and we welded on a door hinge and a bolt for his custom latch.



Custom latch is a square foundation-bolt washer notched with a grinder and welded to the flange on the bottom of the tank.  He is going to add a damper from another old stove onto the bottom of the door, and put some fiberglass stove-sealing cord to the space behind the door so it seals tight.



Adam had spent a lot of time using a grinder to notch the piece of pipe that will connect to the flue, and this saved me a lot of prep in welding it. 


The piglet.  We used three pieces of angle iron for the legs.  He is going to grind the rest of the paint off, and then throw it in a burnpile to get the remaining paint off before he uses it in his shack.  Salvage and found objects!  Total project cost = $0.50 of welding rods and a little bit of electricity,



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