A custom jobsite bag for a metalworker

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
We got a commission to make a bag for Dave Richer, who runs Earthen Iron – a custom metalwork and blacksmith shop here in Chico.  Dave wanted a bag that could carry his laptop, measuring tools, and file folders around to his various jobsites.


He wanted lots of pockets.  This bag has 11 of them. 


The body of the bag is all used fire hose. 


Fire hose.



 We like our details.  This bag has 24 rivets in it, and all of the critical seams have twin rows of 6x stitching.



Zippers and inside dividers came out of a brand new laptop bag/briefcase that we found at the thrift store.



The front pocket is 12″ wide, for measuring tools while the outside pocket has a zipper.  We are on the lookout for more of this incredible, rich yellow-lined hose.  There is always some sort of material that we come across that we wish we had more of.   



The strap is our standard messenger-type – surplus nylon webbing padded with cotton-jacket fire hose, with a camstrap for quick cinch and release.


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