Two shows to finish ADHD April

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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April is a wild month in Chico.  A budding, blooming, creative explosion of lengthening light and lusty life.  We were lucky/taxed to have two deadlines fall at the end of it – RayRay’s ‘Bike=art’ show and Chikoko’s ‘Bizarre Bazaar’.  We overextended and are glad that they are over!  But we got to make a lot of new art – a spectrum from Bumblebee habitat boxes, psychedelic micro messenger bags, and rice harvester steel sunflowers to ‘Opium Den’ leather collage purses and fire hose totes.   Here are some photos from the two shows.
Hillbilly yard art, firehose snakeskin samba belts, tough-mama firehose totes, and rake+ski pole garden diggers – our uncategorizable booth at Chikoko’s Bizarre Bazaar.

Pulled together some new and old bags with a bike theme and decided to use my old chopper ‘Pinkie’ as a rack at the last minute.  Welded a stand, loaded up the goods into the hemp panniers and rode it to the show.   The bags on the handlebars are a new design that I am calling the MicroMessenger – they are big enough for a mini Kryptonite lock, cell phone and wallet; they have a loop to go on your belt, or we can add a traditional messenger strap and stabilizer. 

Our hemp panniers and large and mini messenger bags – I added a new stabilizer strap to the messenger bags.  
Stopped at the newspaper recycling shed at 6th and Flume to get some paper to stuff the bags with and found a paper bag full of old maps!  Score!  RayRay decided to put us in the window – I like what they did with the maps – they are prolific and amazing.

My folks were in town and pops took these photos – you can see him in the reflection, below. 

Thanks RayRay and Chikoko.  The RayRay show is still up in downtown Chico – make sure to go out back and look at Katrina’s handmade longbike – she did a beautiful job on it.

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