Large Format Printer + Canvas + Dragonboy = New Series

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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We have been wanting to do a collaboration with our friend Dragonboy56 for a long time, and finally have a chance.  We are printing his art onto canvas and then turning the printed fabric into bags. 

We acquired a large format printer when my last employer got out of the mapping business.  In the past it has been used to print maps and posters on paper, but it is a pretty flexible machine, and we got it because it uses dyes instead of pigmented inks.  We have been trying different media in it, with the goal of being able to print our own fabric.  After some trial and error, we are getting there.  We are now able to print onto uncoated raw canvas, and are working on building a steamer that we can use to fix the dyes after printing. 

Our next big creative push is for the 'Prepare for the Playa' Bazaar in San Francisco in July and August.  In the coming months, check back with us as we dive into Dragon-printed hip-belts, backpacks, and other desert survival gear.

Thanks, Dragon!




  1. Diana Caplan says:

    Whoah! Nice work Zeke!

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