Fire Hose Corsets

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Back into the shop!
We are finally in gear to build up inventory for the Burning Man rush.
Last year we realized that our friends in the City weren’t very into our hillbilly camo collage cutoff shorts and coverall jumpsuits, but the fire hose utility belts and Mad Max body-armor fire hose miniskirts sold out, so this year, no WT theme.  Just post-apocalyptic desert survival fashion… and CORSETS, of course.

Starting point – a dress form with duct tape mold/pattern. 


Fire hose – this one is based upon a form that we made of our friend Katrina.  It will have a separating zipper up the front when it is done, and optional/detachable hip pouches of the same material.


Lacing – the duct tape is for a pattern, and is not part of the corset.



We like our rivet details.  This one has about 60 of them.
We can make one of these in any size, email us if you are interested!


We are going to be vending as part of a fundraiser party for the Chico Urban Artists Collective artcar projectat GRUB on 7/23 see you there!


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