something silky

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
When I went into the studio on Sunday I didn’t feel like working with fire hose. Even though it seemed a bit passé, I started to dig through our tie bin. Here’s the result.



What are they? Why, neck wraps! We’ve got a theme this season of using random hardware in our wears. So I thought these plumbing washers (or something like that) from the ReStore might look nice on some choice ties.



 Conchos and belt ends seems to fit well too with the hardware. 


First I traced the hole of the washer on the fabric and cut it out. Then I zigzagged in a circle so it wouldn’t fray so bad. Then I attached the washer with embroidery floss (I hand sewed it, a nice change).



Yep, you guessed it, we’ve got a bin of embroidery floss (otherwise know as colorful string). I’m still in possession of my collection of friendship-bracelet-making string from the late ’80’s. Some friends and I even sold bracelets one week the summer of 10th grade. (this is Erika, BTW; Zeke made lanyards, but not friendship bracelets). 



This one is fairly short, so I’ve attached a magnet that grips to the washer so the whole thing stays on better.



Here’s how it’s supposed to look.


A close-up of the magnet. 


And finally, a picture of a few on a real person.


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