Wofchuck’s Cattail Cojongo Case

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Our friend Mike Wofchuck is a professional percussionist. He brought us a Cojongo (wooden box drum) and asked us to make a traveling case for it. This bag is made from a whole bunch of different materials. 
Lid in progress – brown hemp from German Army duffel bag, yellow fire hose, scrap leather, grommets in lid/handle are from duffel bag.




 Upholstery scrap, fire hose, old cordura from camo duck hunting bag.



 Hemp base, army surplus brass D-ring padded with scrap leather to keep lid clips from gouging drum. Fire hose cattails, and Japanese crane motif inkjet printed on raw canvas. 



 Cattails – Old waxed cotton tarp, fire hose, scrap leather, and ripstop poly/cotton from old cargo pants/uniform at my last job.



 Binding the lid with army surplus webbing.



 Finished product – front view.



 Lid and side – olive strip on the right made from waxed cotton tarps that were the roof of Lauren Kennedy’s family cabin for several decades.



 Front view. 


 My aunt runs a business in Kansas City ‘Asiatica’ that repurposes vintage Japanese textiles. The crane is from a digital photo that I took of one of her old fabrics. We inkjet printed it onto some raw canvas and then steamed it to fix the dye.



 Lid clip and cattail detail



 Lid detail


Handle is scrap leather wrapped around hemp rope that used to tie the German Army duffel bag shut (thru these same grommets).



Lining is recycled Chico Bags donated by Mr. Andy Keller himself, thanks, Andy!


Satisfied customer



  1. nina says:

    this is gorgeous! I love love love love love it, and not just because i spend some time in the cattails!

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