Folks, this ain’t vegan

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
Our messenger bags for 2012 are chock full of leather scrap from a commercial upholstery shop! The bag below is made from leather scrap, printed leather from a second-hand bag, vintage cotton, and basketball. A used vinyl banner serves as the inner layer and stiffener.


 A close up of the embroidery. Notice the strip of basketball  in the center under the “V.”  Thanks to our friend Matt for thinking of us when his old ball wore out. Zeke then peeled the outer skin off the ball, and put the neat strips into my working pile of materials.


This bag is made with vintage indonesian fabrics that I won at an auction the past summer. Plus fire hose and salvaged hardware. 


 Fun with an old cowboy shirt, leather, and sarong.


 More leather scrap, plus world map spirals.


 Two more, in similar style. I’m making the flap adjustable in the larger bag this year.


 Notice the strips of orange on the mostly white bag. These are from my friend Jennifer who is a painter. She gave me strips of canvas that she cut off paintings before she framed them. There’s gold paint in them that’s shiny, and make a nice element for collage.


I’m shipping these bags off to Blue Gallery in Providence Town, but more to come!

  1. nina says:

    Oh, I LOVE these. The last ones have the feel of a backgammon board and of course I am a big fan of the marshy-swirly one. My top love tho is DEFINITELY the vintage Indonesian fabrics. (BTW, Ayla just decided out of the blue that she is making a card for "erika and baby boo-boo!"

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