A Large Handlebar Bag

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
We are bike-lovers in a bike-loving town. When I first saw Erika’s sticker-covered Stumpjumper (with lowrider pannier racks!!!) I knew deep-down that we’d be together for a long time.

I modified an army surplus night vision goggle bag to go on the handlebars of my townbike, and now I can’t live without one. It is so nice to have a place to throw keys, phone, wallet, a U-lock, light, small pump, and maybe a burrito and bottle of wine too. The bag below is a knock-off of the army surplus bag that I have been using, made from 99+% salvaged materials. 

We have made a lot of bike-related bags now, but until this week I hadn’t made one that I really thought that we should focus on – I am kind of a ‘perpetual prototyper’…
But I think that we’ll keep making these ones.


Large handlebar bag with wire support on the sides.

Here is the bag in progress – body is a collage of our friend Lee’s old world-traveling backpack, a thrift store laptop bag, and a fire hose panel from an old, unfinished messenger bag project.  



 Made sides out of three different kinds of fire hose. Yellow hose is from a jaunt in the woods with Jake awhile back.



Here are the sides sewn in, with some bling firehose trim that also provides a tunnel for a supporting frame that is made out of wire and scrap aluminum tubing. 


 Front has reflective trim and backpack cordura.


Other than rivets and thread, the snaps and webbing are the only virgin materials in this project. 


 Inside pockets are scraps from some other old backpacks.



In action 


He has only had it for a few days. Give him a few weeks and it will be full of loose change, receipts, food wrappers, diapers, wipes, a vice-grip, headlamp, swim trunks, lip gloss, and maybe a few Sierra Nevada bottle caps. Mine is.


We’ll make you one out of your favorite old backpack – your bike-based life will never be the same.



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