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Been doing some metalwork in the shop. We have a different business that provides onsite mapping support during forest fires and other disasters, and I needed to make a cart that we could use to deliver and move a 350lb map plotter. The idea is that the plotter can be set up on this table while we are out in the field, and then when we are done with it, we can slide it off the table into the back of our van, fold up the table, and put it in the van too. 

We never know if we will have fire assignments, so this is a skinny time of year, and my goal was to do this project for less than $20 in materials.


Finished table.

The red top frame is 2″ thinwall tubing. Our friend Rob is learning to weld bicycle frames and he gave us this steel in exchange for some shop time. Diagonal braces are 1″ tubing from an auction at Chico Iron Works – they had various freestanding racks that they used to hang things on for painting, so it had a thick coat of all sorts of different paint colors. The braces pop off if you want to fold the legs in.


Top is a sheet of cabinet-grade plywood that used to be a tabletop from another project at my last job We got it when they used it as a pallet to forklift a piece of equipment that we were buying into my truck. I hit it with the sander, and then put on 3 coats of ReStore polyurethane. 


Legs are 1.5″ thinwall tubing from the ReStore – used to be a fence, and we bought about 35 pieces of it. Crossbraces are from the old painting rack, wheels are from an estate sale.


Hinge pin sleeves are scrap pipe from the ReStore, bolts are from the ReStore too.



I thought about painting it all primer brown or flat black but Erika had the idea of using the sanding wheel on the grinder to freestyle a design. Some of the red tubing had thicker coats of paint over black primer and came out with this dark effect.


Hit it with a coat of matte-clearcoat and called it good. Tabletop is held on from below with ReStore sheetrock screws.



Road rash 








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