Fire Hose Tool Bags

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
We are back into the shop and making bags to sell at the Chikoko Bizarre Bazaar. Our friend Dave Richer asked if we could make tool bags, so we did some prototyping, and have come up with some designs that we like.
Here is a sneak look at our new Fire Hose Tool Bag. We’ll be selling them at the Bizarre Bazaar here in Chico on 12/15.
We’ll be doing a few sizes, but this one seems to be a good size for carrying all the essentials that you might need on a quick wiring or repair job.

Fire hose throughout, everything in this bag is repurposed except for thread and rivets.
12″ long by 9″ tall –  Deep enough for cordless drills or hammers.
All inner surfaces are rubber hose lining, which keeps things from sliding out.


Divider pocket inside for shorter wrenches, tape measure, drill battery, bits, or allen wrench sets.


Strap is nylon fire hose. To test it, we hung the bag from a chain, picked it up, and dropped it 3 feet with the load pictured. No damage.


Corners are barracked with at least 8 passes of heavyweight thread. Cell/wallet pockets on ends are tapered, with rubber hose lining to keep things from easily sliding out.


Custom divider pockets for screws, pliers, punches, or utility knife.


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