Handlebar Bags and Show Prep

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We are finishing handlebar bags, and wrapping up other projects before the show this weekend. Working the kinks out of some of the finer details on the handlebar bags, I often forget that it takes many, many attempts to move from prototype to production.

Realized the other night that it is more of a basket than a bag.


This one uses fire hose for trim. All of these bags are made with a cordura (nylon packcloth) body, and even the pockets are backed with cordura or canvas, so you are not counting on the vintage fabrics to do anything structural.

Pablo is learning to sew.

One of the wilder collage models.

I like the mix of brown fabrics and leathers in this bag.

We have the strapping design pretty dialed now, where it helps to cinch the rack to the handlebars.

The tags are made in the USA, too.

Here is the same bag on a different handlebar style. The rack is limber enough to bend a bit to fit on various stems.

Erika is wrapping up some field bags. I was in Portland last week and found the Pendleton Woolens Mill Discount Store, and bought various wool scraps.

This is my favorite one so far. The red flannel scrap is from a jacket that I bought at a thrift store in Bellingham, WA on my way to Alaska in 2000.





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