Fall 2013 Metalwork, Part II

Posted: November 19, 2013 in metalwork, salvage adventure, the shop, toolmaking
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We’ve had some time in the shop between mapping projects lately, and have been burning some coal and propane, forging tools from salvaged metal. I’ve had help/coaching from friends Paul Lackovic, Dave Richer, Anthony Branner, and Brad Hauskens. Here are some of the things that we have made, and the source of the material.


Kitchen knife from Collins Pine Sawmill blade.


Alligator snout, from railroad spike.


Bottom fuller tool (for rounding/shaping hot metal on anvil), from old pickaxe eye.


Bottom fuller tool (for rounding square stock), from farm disc axle.


Cutoff hardy tool – for cutting hot bar stock – from scrap of 1.5″ square bar.


Detail in decorative hook, from railroad spike.


Steel jewelry tray, 2×4″ from industrial scrap. textured using punches, below.



Change basket/small bowl, from industrial scrap, textured with punches, below.



Decorative/texturing punches, made with carbon steel recycled from tools including pickaxe blade, old rock drill bit, and old cold chisel.



I went to see my friend Lewis and dig through his scrap piles over the weekend. Here is one of the meanest looking pair of snips I have ever seen.


‘Flatter’ hammer used for flattening hot metal. Made from old sledgehammer and part of an old splitting maul.


mail attachment41

Decorative twists in a handles made from railroad spikes.


‘Cross Pien’ sledgehammer made from 10 lb. splitting maul.

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