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Picked up some industrial scrap in the form of discs that are left over when holes are laser-cut into plate steel. I wanted to make a candle holder/altar that can hold 3 large candles, so I made a couple of dies for the treadle hammer to use to shape the hot discs into bowl shapes.



Final product




I had another unfinished piece that was the result of an experiment to hot-twist multiple bars of steel rod and rebar using an impact wrench, so I cut that in half, and untwisted the open end to make a sort of tree candelabra.


The top candleholder was sort of a ‘happy mistake’. I heated a 2.5″ disc and used punches and a ball peen hammer to texture it, then heated it again and used a large ball peen under the treadle hammer to press it down into a cut-off piece of 2″ pipe. It wanted to fold along the textured edge, and I love the way it worked itself out.



Wasn’t happy with the clunky welds where the base meets the stem, so I added roots with a MIG welder and they looked like – welds… So I ground them down, like them much better. The grinding pops out the decorative punchwork, too.





New Fire Hose Tool Bags

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just made a couple of fire hose tool bags for our friend Dave Richer at Earthen Iron. They do ornamental metalwork and custom forgings, and need to lug a bunch of hammers, chisels, and clunky tools around to their various jobsites, and the old milk crate wasn’t cutting it anymore.

We made them two 6×20″ bags out of indestructible fire hose that nest inside of their rolling tool chest. One bag is going to be used for hammers and punches, the other for small tools. The small-tools bag has pockets for pens, small chisels, and bits.

These bags are 99% recycled. The only new material in them is the thread. $80/apiece or 2 for $150. Email us.