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Corset On Model

Posted: July 11, 2011 in clothing, playa, Uncategorized
The fire hose corset has made contact with a real person. We tried it on two very different bodies, and we’re pleased with it’s adjustability.


Thanks to our friends for being trying it out. Of course, we recommend wearing this item without any clothing underneath?!?!?



We took our wares to the streets today, ended up with some good barter action.  It was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.
I like events that we can ride to.  We ended up bartering Skyler some utility belts for a Greg Degouvia-built bike trailer, so the pack up and ride home was easier.

I am making cargo jeans now where I piece in new fronts using cotton twill from old coveralls. I made a smaller size, and Mona modeled them for me.


We needed a larger bike seat for our kiddo trailer and found one yesterday at an estate sale.  Erika made a new cover for it and made it fit in the trailer.



Seamonster took the stage name Madame Titty Bop for the event.  Her top – called ‘The Magic Twins’ – and lacquered citrus slice necklace were made by Goat. 




‘I think that it is a little small for me’. 


‘Let’s see, you got an owl, a ceramic horse, a reel to reel tape, some anatomy flash cards, and a rock – that will be $2’. 

Michelle Wurlitzer, our most loyal customer.  She has chosen a yellow theme for her bike tour, just found a dress to match the panniers that we made for her, and bought herself some yellow utility belts.

It is about 5 degrees warmer in the shop than outside, but we have lots of fans, and it is tolerable.  We are still on a push to make goods for ‘Prepare for the Playa‘.
New skirts, shorts, kilts, belts and pouches rolling off of the line.  Hard to focus, but we are amped.

Kilt making – fire hose and found bling

Kilt making – mustard patch is ‘LDH’ large-diameter hose.


Kilt detail 

Your happy kilt shaper



Fire hose miniskirt

New fire hose miniskirt


Pouches, belts, and a new brown skirt from hemp Eastern European Army Duffel Bags.


New belt – detail – the white parts are the scraps left when we cut out the ‘scales’ for the hose miniskirts.