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It is about 5 degrees warmer in the shop than outside, but we have lots of fans, and it is tolerable.  We are still on a push to make goods for ‘Prepare for the Playa‘.
New skirts, shorts, kilts, belts and pouches rolling off of the line.  Hard to focus, but we are amped.

Kilt making – fire hose and found bling

Kilt making – mustard patch is ‘LDH’ large-diameter hose.


Kilt detail 

Your happy kilt shaper



Fire hose miniskirt

New fire hose miniskirt


Pouches, belts, and a new brown skirt from hemp Eastern European Army Duffel Bags.


New belt – detail – the white parts are the scraps left when we cut out the ‘scales’ for the hose miniskirts.
ZeekoBag has had the privilege of participating for the last two years in Chikoko’s Holiday Artisan’s Faire.  This event is great in that we get to be part of a larger community of artisans, and that it forces us to produce enough inventory for an event.  At this time, this has been the only event that we sell at.  

Here is a sampling of the items that we made for sale at the 2009 Winter Faire.

Messenger bag – body is 100% fire hose.  Recycled strap and hardware.



Messenger bag with 2 bike purses – 100% fire hose body. 


1 off messenger bag made from fire hose, inner tube, and surplus cargo parachute harness canvas.



Messenger ‘X’ bag – This is a design that we plan to focus on.  ‘X’ available in 3M retroreflective sticker.



Bike purse/day bag



Messenger bag detail.  Body from fire hose, strap from surplus army parachute harness.  Rivets at all stress points.


All of the bags above are spoken for or gone, but similar bags are available.  Due to the nature of using found objects, sometimes we run out of a certain kind of material or hose color.

Email for pricing and shipping info.