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We took our wares to the streets today, ended up with some good barter action.  It was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.
I like events that we can ride to.  We ended up bartering Skyler some utility belts for a Greg Degouvia-built bike trailer, so the pack up and ride home was easier.

I am making cargo jeans now where I piece in new fronts using cotton twill from old coveralls. I made a smaller size, and Mona modeled them for me.


We needed a larger bike seat for our kiddo trailer and found one yesterday at an estate sale.  Erika made a new cover for it and made it fit in the trailer.



Seamonster took the stage name Madame Titty Bop for the event.  Her top – called ‘The Magic Twins’ – and lacquered citrus slice necklace were made by Goat. 




‘I think that it is a little small for me’. 


‘Let’s see, you got an owl, a ceramic horse, a reel to reel tape, some anatomy flash cards, and a rock – that will be $2’. 

Michelle Wurlitzer, our most loyal customer.  She has chosen a yellow theme for her bike tour, just found a dress to match the panniers that we made for her, and bought herself some yellow utility belts.