Industrial Sewing Machine Repair

We are really into old, heavy-duty sewing machines. As you can see from our bags, industrial machines can sew everything from license plates and fire hose to scrap leather and old rubber boots. Conversely, switch to a smaller needle and lighter thread, the same machine can deliver professional stitch-quality on lace, ripstop nylon, or other lightweight materials.

We have been working on these machines for nearly a decade. They are noisy, heavy beasts that will eat your arm if you let them – they are called ‘industrial machines’ for a reason, and (rightfully) intimidating at first. But after a few hours, you’ll be comfortable with them, and – enthralled with their smooth power and beautiful stitch quality – you may never want to use your portable again.

Many of the newer industrial machines are made in China or Korea, and used Japanese-made machines are often higher-quality than the new ones and usually much cheaper. If you can find a working used industrial machine for under $300 it is usually a good deal, and we can often clean and tune it up for under $100.

We can repair, tune up, or adjust your industrial machines, and if you are in the Chico area and in the market for a new or used industrial machine, we’d love to talk to you about them. We can also provide training in their safe operation and maintenance.

Shop rate for repairs is $75/hr, with a one hour minimum. We can usually service, clean, and adjust an industrial machine in about an hour. We can order parts for most brands of industrial machines. At this time, we do not work on sergers.

Give us a call: (530) 966-8186

Or email us!



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